Information (English)

 Are you on vacation, do you have a second home or are you staying here temporarily and do you need medical help, please contact us by phone. You must always call first!


  • If you live in the Netherlands, keep your BSN number at hand.
  • If you live outside the Netherlands, we ask for a copy of your ID with your address details and a copy of the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).
  • If you do not have an EHIC card, you must pay in cash.

Due to the coronavirus you can only come to our practice after telephone contact. You will not be helped without an appointment. You will be sent back home to make an appointment by phone.

If you have complaints (and / or someone from the family) that may indicate a possible infection with the coronavirus, we request that you report this. Practice can then take extra precautions for your and our safety. The GP decides whether he can handle the consultation by telephone or whether you will receive an appointment.

If you have an appointment:

  • Arrive promptly at the agreed time
  • You come alone, unless the medical situation is such that supervision is required.
  • You may not bring extra children.
  • Strictly follow the instructions that our employees give you
  • You will only be helped if you have an appointment, if not, you will be sent back home to contact us by phone.